It’s our great pleasure to announce that Nicholas Duggan will be joining our team, starting on Monday the 11th of January he will be our Principal Geospatial Specialist.   Nick has a wealth of geospatial knowledge from over 15 years experience in many industry sectors  such as offshore & onshore renewables, environmental, maritime archaeology, offshore & onshore survey, land management, public rights of way, demography, shipping, traffic management to name a few!

He joins our team at an exciting time, our work in the 3D GIS world is expanding through our Esri CityEngine project expertise and training courses (3DPathFinder).  Our UK based domestic architectural work is always needing GIS support, as is our international (mainly in the Middle East) urban planning work.   He will be providing support across these sectors as well as supporting our CityEngine projects and training.   Our clients that are interested in 3D modelling are looking for more than just visualisation services they want real use cases and strong analytical work.   Nick’s solid skill set in the energy and environmental industries allows us to enhance our 3D GIS analytical services and support our client’s 3D projects. 

Nick will be based in Southampton and will give Garsdale Design a base of operations in the south of England.

Nick is very active within the geospatial community contributing to xyHt leading geospatial publication and often leads discussions on social media channels, you can follow him on twitter here : @dragons8mycat