Our Esri CityEngine Training Courses

Garsdale Design conducts a variety of training courses from our home base in Sedbergh as well as Lancaster University.  We’re not only the very first Esri CityEngine training provider but also an Esri Silver Partner and EsriUK’s official CityEngine training provider here in the UK.   We also provide CityEngine training through worldwide with the help of our partners.

Esri CityEngine

Elliot Hartley conducts our specialist 3DPathFinder training on the use of Esri CityEngine is very popular and we have had clients come from a range of industries and countries to train with us.   We also do scheduled training session in Aylesbury in conjunction with our partners EsriUK.

You can use this contact us form to send us an training enquiry.

Esri CityEngine training options

3DPathFinder is the name of our specialist Esri CityEngine training packages, the standard training packages range from 1 to 3 days long.  We can train you here in Cumbria or we can locate nearer to you, or even train you ‘on-site’ in your offices.   Training whilst following a course outline often diverges on the afternoon of the second day to cover the client’s workflows and data.  Every CityEngine training session ends up being customised to the trainees requirements.  

If you want more then we can customise even further for you.  We can not only train you in CityEngine but also help you complete your first project as well!  

Each training session covers core usage of CityEngine, it’s a complicated program that works in a variety of industries and workflows so we take you step by step through CGA coding and publishing of a webscene with swipeable scenarios.  We also discuss strategies for data importing as well as data acquisition. 

We have trained planners, GIS professionals, academics, as well as people in the military and intelligence industries.

No one else knows Esri CityEngine like we do and you will not find more comprehensive training anywhere else.


2-Day 3DPathFinder

The 2 day 3DPathFinder is more than just an introduction to CityEngine: Not only is this a hands-on practical course, it will give you a solid base in CGA coding, as well as a more advanced understanding of the inner workings of CityEngine. 

ce_2015_2_tower_05_dynamic3-Day 3DPathFinder

The 3 day 3DPathFinder event covers the same content as the 2 day training. The additional day is used for focused work on client data and to find client-specific workflows and solutions. Most of our clients have opted for this training session.


Course Instructor : Elliot Hartley
Locations: Lancaster, Sedbergh or at your location  (UK or worldwide)
Contact: info @ garsdaledesign.co.uk or click here to use our contact form.