This year was the inaugural year for an award we’ve sponsored at the British Cartographic Society called the “Garsdale Design Award for 3D Mapping“.  This award is an annual award open to everyone in any industry creating interesting, informative, exciting 3D cartography (real or imagined) using any technique and/or medium!

The first year of the Garsdale Design 3D Mapping Award was a great success with superb entries, we hope next year will be even better!  We’d love to hear from BCS members and non-members about their 3D mapping in any medium using any tool (hardware or software!), please drop us a message.


Our very first winner Overview.Design also went on to win the British Cartographic Society Award as well and you can visit their website to see their amazing work!   Elliot Hartley our Managing Director and one of the judges said this about Overview.Design’s work:

This entry for us ticked a number of boxes for us by the clever use of technology to create a beautiful product and after-all, the definition of Cartography is “the science and art” of map making.   No one can deny the appeal of receiving this in the post. The design is a balancing act of the simple 2D digital elements of a map combined with the physical thickness of the wood layers, oh and I quite like the smell (laser zapped wood!).

We hope next year we’ll see some more entries from more industries, if you want to be more involved with this sort of thing perhaps you’d like to join the BCS or our 3D SIG?