GDL can help you at any stage of the process, we can take you from start to finish of a project or just help in one particular aspect.  If you’re not sure whether what part of the process we can help you with, please contact us.

1 – Deciding what you want

So you have a house or about to buy a house and want to make some changes?  Have you decided what you want? Or do you just know you need some more space, or perhaps to alter things internally?

Here at GDL we can help you make a decision using our experience.  We can give you advice and options as to what you can do with your property based on your needs.   The following is a list of things you may need help with:

2 – Planning Permission

The planning process can often be a confusing as well as time-consuming process, but it does not have to be a process marked by confrontation.    We are here to help clients negotiate a successful outcome by providing reassurance and advice born from years of experience.

3 – Building Regulations Approval

Red tape can often seem to surround the planning process, but getting permission to build is usually far more straightforward. There is not much interpretation of the rules and the process is less time-consuming.

4 – Construction

Armed with your Planning Permission and  Building Regulations approval you can get ahead with building. Some things may not need Planning or Building Regs and we can advise on what can be done within the scope of current legislation.

At this stage some people may need help choosing a builder or contractor to do the work.  We can also help you with contacts here.  As an independent company we are happy to provide an alphabetical list of local builders from which you can select.  You may want to invite competitive tenders from several, or to negotiate with one with whom you feel happy.


Obviously this stage is outside of the intended building process, but on some occasions mistakes are made and plans are misunderstood.   This can mean the local planning enforcement team visit and then contact you to remedy the situation.   Whilst this is a very serious situation it need not be a scary process.   GDL can help you navigate the enforcement issues and hopefully come to a satisfactory conclusion.

It’s important to note that legal action resulting in fines and a criminal conviction are extremely rare.   We are here to help so any conversation you have with us will always be treated in confidence.