Sedbergh and District
The WW1 Fallen


Thank you for visiting our 3D map of Sedbergh and Districts World War One dead.
This is a cartographic product created as part of a series of digital and mapping works by Elliot Hartley at Garsdale Design Limited to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One.

Each poppy (at various life-cycle stages) represented here signifies a person that died in World War One and the approximate location of where they lived. You can click on a poppy to get some details about the person, for example their age, rank, where they lived, where they died, and where they are buried (we've tried to link to the War Graves Commission website where possible). All this information was sourced from Sedbergh and District's History Society.


You can zoom in to an area and use the screencapture tool (the icon in the top right here) to select and save a image for you to keep.


This is designed for use on a desktop modern web browser. To navigate this 3D map use your mouse, left-click to pan, right-click to rotate and the middle scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Alternatively use the navigation icons to the right of this box.
You can find out some biographical details of one the areas Fallen by clicking on their poppy.


The map data here contains OS data Crown Copyright and database rights 2018
WWW1 dead kindly provided by Sedbergh and District's History Society

This 3D mApp is built on Esri's JavaScript API, the basemap is built using handrawn elements by Elliot used as custom symbology in ArcGIS Pro. You will be able to read about it's creation on his blog shortly!
This mApp has been tested on Windows 10 PC in MS Edge and Google Chrome browsers, as well on an iPhone 7 Safari browser.