New Houses

For the design of a new house we will discuss your requirements in some detail so we understand what you want to achieve. Where the house will be your home, its form and layout will be quite specific to your particular needs. Therefore, our designs are undertaken by working closely with you, using our knowledge and experience of what can be achieved where the house is to be built. Your house should express your lifestyle within the spaces that are created. We aim to produce a distinctive design that best suits the client and the location.

House Extensions

Many times, a growing or changing family needs a home extension to give a house new possibilities. An extra bedroom can accommodate a growing family, while a larger kitchen can transform the heart of a house. We will discuss your requirements with you in order to suggest possible options for enhanced accommodation. Our advice will explain what can be done within the constraints set by local and national planning policies.

Heritage Buildings

Planning policies are often directed at retaining historic buildings as little changed as possible, in particular those buildings that are listed. We have experience of working on Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.  Often a building may be regarded as a heritage asset that should be carefully treated, even if it is not listed. We understand how to interpret and apply advice by Historic England in handling heritage buildings. Our specialist knowledge of genealogical and documentary sources is used to help prepare heritage assessments which are commonly required to support a planning application.

Being sensitive to the design of its original built elements is important when working with a heritage building. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the techniques used by the original builders. Thus, the features of such buildings can be carefully conserved while providing interesting accommodation for current and future inhabitants.


We have wide experience of handling the conversion of agricultural barns and other traditional buildings, as well as the re-instatement of former dwellings.  There are usually constraints on what can be achieved with such conversions, particularly with windows and rooflights.  We are skilled in getting the maximum benefit out of barn conversions, since we understand how planning officers view such conversions.

Planning Applications

Within the two national parks of Yorkshire and Cumbria planning approval is needed for all but the smallest domestic extensions. Outside the two national parks policies may be less onerous but many extensions will still require planning permission.

As part of the design process, we will consult local planning documents and the local planning authority to understand the parameters within which proposals for design and building materials would be seen. If this brings up any other issues to influence whether permission will be granted we would discuss them with the client to resolve them.