3D GIS & CityEngine Webinar 2019

EsriUK and Garsdale Design Limited will be co-hosting a webinar on 3DGIS on Thursday the 7th of March. Elliot Hartley will be giving a demo of Esri CityEngine showing a workflow that imports 2D GIS data and creates 3D models for use in ArcGIS Pro, a 3D Printer, a web scene, and Unreal Studio.

You can register for the webinar here (now below)

This page will also be used to host the resources that are associated with the CityEngine portion of the demo.

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Or maybe you prefer a sketchy style on a blackboard or blueprint paper?

Coming Soon (after Webinar)

Did you know?

We have worked with governments and organisations to create or help them create 3D mapping and web applications for the Esri platform! For example:

We were the first to conduct Esri CityEngine training worldwide, and now also provide a range of 3D GIS & CityEngine related knowledge transfer services, training, as well as consultancy.