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3D to aid Redevelopment in Detroit

It’s always nice to be able to talk about some of our work. Whilst we have a large amount of domestic/local architectural work within the Sedbergh and Yorkshire Dales area we have an international side of our business that specialises in not just urban planning but also 3D geospatial, training, consultancy, data, and application development (led by Elliot Hartley).

What does that mean? Well people who need to plan a city’s development need to understand context they need to understand how new development may affect a skyline or a view. That’s where 3D modelling comes in, we use a combination of 3D building models captured from stereo aerial or satellite imagery to provide contextual existing building models. Then we will combine that with CAD or procedural models (from Esri CityEngine) to show possible future developments.

Using the Esri platform we can then create a range of storymaps or web applications for stakeholder engagement. A good example of some of this work is the a project where we provided services and knowledge transfer to the Downtown Detroit Partnership, a body that represents the residents/businesses within Downtown Detroit.

DDP convenes business, philanthropic and government partners to ensure that efforts in the creation of a vibrant urban core for Detroit are balanced and all perspectives are considered.

Downtown Detroit Partnerhsip, – Our Mission

Our partners CyberCity3D and Esri Inc wrote up about this work for ArcUser a quarterly publication produced for Esri software users. You can read it here.