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Garsdale Design designated as an Esri ‘Release Ready Specialty’ Partner. 

Thursday the 9th of January 2020

Garsdale Design has become the first EsriUK partner to be recognised as ‘Release Ready’.  Being part of the ‘Release Ready Speciality’ designation recognises Garsdale Design’s unique skills and commitment to Esri CityEngine and the wider Esri platform.   This designation is only awarded to those Esri business partners who can prove their expertise in adoption and promotion of the latest Esri technology.  

“We are pleased that Garsdale Design are the first partner in the UK to be awarded the ‘release ready’ partner status.  This award recognises their continued commitment to developing Esri-Centric client propositions, as well as their readiness to install, configure and train on ESRI CityEngine (and the wider platform). Congratulations to Elliot and his team.”

Heather Fletcher, Head of Partners and Alliances, EsriUK

The Release Ready Speciality is assessed yearly to ensure that Partners are adopting the latest Esri technology on a consistent basis as well as:

  • Demonstrating a repeatable approach for migrating their offerings
  • Helping customers implement the latest release
  • Ensuring staff are trained and able to support the latest release
  • Offer defined solutions, services, or content that use the latest ArcGIS capabilities
  • Promote Release Ready offerings
  • Share customer successes

“As many people might know, Garsdale Design is a unique specialist consultancy, especially when it comes to Esri CityEngine and 3D GIS.  We are proud to have received this recognition from Esri as we are always striving to offer the best advice and services for our clients unique and varied requirements.”

Elliot Hartley Managing Director, Garsdale Design

Garsdale Design has worked with Esri CityEngine professionally for over a decade now.  We were the first UK Chartered Architecture practice to recognise the power of CityEngine for use in 3D geodesign related projects.   We have used CityEngine for 3D urban plans, urban scenario modelling with metrics, and modelling existing urban environments with a diverse range clients and projects (CityEngine Creates New Solutions for Historic Cities https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcnews/cityengine-creates-new-solutions-for-historic-cities/)

In 2013 we started providing the first worldwide training service for Esri CityEngine (Succeed With 3D: An Emboldened Vision of Downtown Miami https://medium.com/@CyberCity3D/succeed-with-3d-an-emboldened-vision-of-downtown-miami-141ef5650b18) and have trained a very broad range of organisations in the public and private sector from the AEC, to military, and the entertainment industries.  Our recent successful collaboration with Downtown Detroit Partnership with consultancy services and knowledge transfer is just one of many successful projects we have worked on (Using 3D to Entice Urban Redevelopment https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcuser/3d-planning/).

In 2017 we became the first 3D building data and Esri CityEngine rule file provider on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace.  Our work creating CityEngine rule libraries for a range of clients has helped smooth 3D workflows for a number of clients.

Recent work has also seen us win awards for our 3D cartography using the Esri platform and tools such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and the Esri JavaScript API ( Esri UC Map Gallery (3rd place in 3D Map and Most Innovative) https://www.esri.com/en-us/about/events/uc/get-involved/map-gallery-results).  Our work has also appeared in Esri publications such as the MapBook (Greater London in 3D https://www.esri.com/en-us/esri-map-book/maps#/details/17/6) as well as ArcNews (Geodesign Tackles big problems https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcnews/geodesign-tackles-big-problems-brings-gis-into-the-design-fields/) and ArcUser. We have also had articles appear in professional publications on topics of 3D modelling (Ready (finally) for 3D https://www.xyht.com/magazine/magazine-magazine/xyht-december-2015/), geodesign, and digitaltwins (Digital twin ambitions: How to catch up with the future https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/publications/bim-today-june-2019/57902/).

Our continued 6-year friendship with our partners Esri Inc, EsriUK, GISTEC, and CyberCity3D have been focused on delivering 3D consultancy, training, and 3D data services to our clients worldwide on the Esri platform.   Our newer partners Lancaster University and Fastr Property are allowing us to keep current and explore new technologies and workflows for commercial and academic uses.