We’ll be attending this years GISWORX conference in Dubai.  We’re not only partners but good friends with GISTEC who are the official Esri Distributors in the United Arab Emirates.   

We’ll be represented this year by Elliot Hartley and have an exhibition stand (number 21).  He will be holding a workshop on the first day (8th May at 3:30pm in Nashwan Room) entitled “3D Geodesign with Esri CityEngine” (agenda will go live soon).

The workshop will introduce users to the world of 3D procedural modelling and demo some of the new features of Esri CityEngine.   We’ll explore the creation of geo-typical city models as well as it’s use within the urban iterative design process (geodesign).   We’ll also explore the use of existing GIS (2D and 3D data) and various analytical tools and methods as well as publishing.

If you can’t make it you can contact him directly on twitter or email us at info @ garsdaledesign.co.uk for discussions on 3D GIS, Geodesign and Esri CityEngine.

Elliot Hartley is also again on the awarding committee for the Excellence in GIS Implementation (EGI) Awards.

We hope to see you all there soon!


PRESS RELEASE: GD3D®, the geospatial arm of Garsdale Design, is a leading 3D GIS consultancy based in Cumbria, United Kingdom. Today an agreement has been signed with CyberCity 3D Incorporated, a California 3D geospatial content company, to resell premium quality 3D building data as part of an affordable 3D streaming service on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace.

We know of GD3D’s expertise in 3D GIS on the Esri platform, after seeing the outstanding work they did for us.  So, when they came to us with a plan to create a compelling 3D ‘Context as a Service’ for Esri users, we jumped on board.  As part of this new agreement and deeper partnership, we will also be looking to improve our current offering and develop further products with GD3D.Kevin DeVito, Founder/CEO of CyberCity3D.

The GD3D® 3D streaming data service is the first of its kind on the ArcGIS Marketplace, enabling Esri users to consume 3D data via a web service in both Esri’s desktop software and online services.   By the beginning of February, the Company will begin offering over 100 cities to ArcGIS users based in the UK, USA and worldwide — priced individually as an annual subscription for organisations.

GD3D®’s core mission is to encourage users and organisations to explore 3D GIS workflows supported by their partners Esri UK and Esri Inc. This can embrace the amazing new capabilities of products like ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online’s 3D Web Scene Viewer, ArcGIS Earth and Esri CityEngine.

We’re excited to be the first 3D streaming data provider on the ArcGIS Marketplace. CyberCity3D’s data is well suited to the Esri Platform for visualization and analysis.  Our 3D service is about providing a context for a client’s proposals or study areas. If they require ownership of the data for more detailed analysis, we can of course, sell them the specific areas they are interested in.” Elliot Hartley, Managing Director/CEO of GD3D. 

As well as offering a 3D data service, GD3D is the first to sell Rule Packages for use in ArcGIS Pro and Esri CityEngine on the ArcGIS Marketplace.  

data in the United Kingdom; this 3D building data is ideal for GIS use, whatever the platform. It can be delivered in a variety of different formats for use outside the geospatial context: for example, the gaming and the augmented/virtual reality industries.  We can also build further 3D data through the use of stereo or satellite imagery provided by the user or one of our aerial survey partners.

CyberCity3D data is balanced nicely between simple clean and light geometries whilst maintaining incredible detail.   This makes it perfect for a range of uses from 3D analysis and geospatial visualisation to 3D web mapping.” Nicholas Duggan, Principal GeoSpatial Specialist at GD3D.


GD3D® is the new brand of Garsdale Design’s 3D data, training and consultancy service.  With offices in Sedbergh and Southampton, they are regarded as leading experts in the field of 3D GIS with an extensive background in Urban Planning and Architecture.  We offer a wide range of consultancy services as well as bespoke Esri CityEngine training.

CyberCity 3D, Inc. is a state-of-the-art 3D geospatial modeling company specializing in 3D GIS buildings.  Based in Southern California, the Company provides best-in-class information for the built environment. CyberCity 3D empowers your projects with up-to-six inch accurate 3D city models with nearly unlimited uses. Our 3D GIS models also provide invaluable attribute information to assist in urban planning and analysis, visualization, real estate, solar, rainwater, and sustainability.

On Wednesday and Thursday the 6th and 7th of September Garsdale Design’s Nicholas Duggan and Elliot Hartley will be conducting a workshop at the BCS/SoC Conference in Durham.


Workshop 1 – Nicholas Duggan – Wednesday 12:00 – 13:00

The aim of this workshop is to use the ESRI Arcgis Pro software to change Ordnance Survey building footprints in to extruded buildings which can be used for 3D representation in many software such as QGIS, Mapbox, ESRI Web scenes, QGIS2threejs and others.

Using only free, open source data we will take you through, step by step, the process to create your own 3D data which you can use as a streaming service. Along the way, we will discuss vertical datum, transformations and if you ask nicely, maybe how it can all be done in open source software too.

This will be a live workshop and to make the most of it you will need to have a computer with ArcGIS Pro and 3D analyst (paid or trial). To take part in the data streaming section, you will need to have an organisation account with ESRI. If you don’t these, you are still welcome to see me run through it live.

  • ArcGIS Pro
  • 3D Analyst Extension
  • ArcGIS Online account this can be the public free version or organisation account, however to use our data service you need an organisation account (paid or trial)


Workshop 2 – Elliot Hartley – Thursday 10:30 – 11:30

In this workshop we will introduce you to a technique to create 3D models from 2D GIS data using a procedural modelling tool,  We will then show you how to publish the models online within the context of our new 3D basemaps which Nicholas presented on in workshop 1.

We will use Esri CityEngine, a procedural 3D modelling tool, to take your 2D GIS data (with attribution) from simple extrusions to advanced symbology or real designs with associated dynamic metrics.

We’ll choose a site and create at least two 3D models one for visualisation and one for reporting back metrics like floor space.   Once completed we will show you how to publish it from CityEngine on to ArcGIS Online and use it with the context of our 3D basemapping. 

This will be a live demo but we encourage attendees to follow with us on your own laptops.    We will provide any data required, however, you will need access to some software.  This needs to access and installed prior to the workshop.

  • Esri CityEngine (trial or paid)
  • ArcGIS Online account this can be the public free version or organisation account, however to use our data service you need an organisation account (paid or trial).
  • ArcGIS Pro (optional)

Please contact us if you need assistance.

info [at] garsdaledesign.co.uk




GISTEC’s annual GISWORX conference was again held at the Al Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai on the 19th – 21st April.  Garsdale Design had a booth and met with a wide variety of professionals interested in ‘kick starting’ their 3D GIS.   As 3D GIS specialist on the Esri platform Garsdale Design has a unique insight into the workflows and data requirements of projects not just in the Middle East but worldwide.

Garsdale Design was instrumental in bringing a full ‘3D for Everyone’ track to the conference this year.  Elliot Hartley and Kiran Kumar from GISTEC co-hosted the session on the first day that saw many interesting presentations.  Elliot presented on 3D solutions for the world and a small session on Esri CityEngine entitled ‘Models and applications for the city of tomorrow’.DSCN0400

We conducted two workshops at this years event Nicholas Duggan our Geospatial Specialist presented on the power of using ArcGISPro (Esri’s newest 64bit GIS software) entitled ‘Adding the Extra Dimension’ to assess aspects of a fictional wind farm development.


Elliot Hartley conducted an Esri CityEngine introduction workshop allowing attendees to actually use CityEngine and see the power of procedural modelling in action.


As well as being on the EGI awards committee Elliot Hartley also hosted the awards ceremony on the evening of the 20th.   It was here that the amazing work of a variety of organisations was recognised.